Why Twincupcake?

Why Twincupcake?

One day, I watched a cooking show at Asian Food Channel. I was so amazed on how the chef showed his ability to cook, particularly, when preparing the desert, a gorgeous Strawberry Cheesecake. He was so calm, careful and did not leave any space for mistakes, subtle and perfect. Looked so beautiful and must be delicious though I could not taste it.

Another unforgettable memory is when my former girl friend, who is my wife now, Sarah Tarigan, made a birthday cake for her niece, Emily Maria. This five-year cute girl was so lucky that her aunt decided to make some special birthday cakes: black forest, cheesecake and tiramisu. Though, I completely complained her for the ingredients as those recipes were absolutely not cheap, also how come I have never received any special cakes for my birthday? Yet, at last my beloved stubborn wife ignored me and bought them anyway.

What really interesting is looking how Sarah put all the ingredients together. She was so relaxed and enjoying her work.  All ingredients were mixed based on the taste on her lips, as she was ignoring all the ground rules in making a cake. She seemed trust her feelings more than the recipe books.

Shortly thereafter, the cake was served and ready to be tasted. And I, honestly, was so surprised when tasting the cake. When it touched my tongue, it was so delicious even the texture was so soft. It’s just so perfect and the composition was awfully right. I got to admit I admire her cooking talent.

Sarah is not a professional baker nor professional chef. All I know is that she loves to make a cake. Another fact is she loves Emily so much, just like her own daughter. That’s why, it’s easy for her to say “Of course the cake is delicious; I made it special for Emily.”

What were done by Sarah and the Asian Food Channel’s chef on TV really inspire me. I can see they dare to take decision on what sort of ingredients to mix when preparing the food. They calculate each step carefully and make the right combination. They trust their taste to make a perfect pastry or food. They already know how the food is going to taste. The appearance is so tempting; it makes people eager to taste it just by looking at the cake or the food.

We all enjoy what we do…

When capturing a moment, I rely on my instinct and trust my feelings, I have to keep my eyes wide open and carefully waiting for the perfect expression to be captured. I have to dare myself to be in a position that is not safe or comfortable just to for wait the moment. A moment occurs in split second and mistakes are intolerable to me, so really I count on my feeling to capture that moment or an image in mind.

When I smell the scent of a white gerbera in the morning, it is a sign of great a day for a couple. When I see an anxious groom as he can not put his tie on and a bride who is playing her fingers just to keep her calm and tears on a mother’s cheeks to let her son go and a blissful daddy’s face looking at his dearest daughter smiling sitting by her husband. Those moments are so valuable to me, so precious.

I believe a cake can be so delicious and a picture can have a thousand meanings, when we made it with full of love and share the love to others.

“oooo it’s just like eating a cheese twincupcake….”.

Eggy Siagian.


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