Desy Arisani & William G. Handria

Desy Arisani & William G. Handria

There are engagement sessions, and then, there is the mesmerizing day, which is overflowing with a perfection. A wedding that is sooo stunning and sooo heartwarming, it deserves the description “jaw-droppingly gorgeous.”

And above all of the pretty, pretty details (I’m looking at you, seriously stunning tulips), it’s a wedding that showcases two of the most adorable people you’ll ever have the privilege to meet.

The couples, Sani and William carried themselves with a distinct poise, which I feel shines through in the photos. It’s always special when a crowd gathers to watch a couple on their wedding day, as if captivated and warmed through by the moon’s first light. May the light of your love grow stronger each day, and never set.


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