Bitha Suryohadiprojo & Ariditya Lukman Dharmmaparayana

Bitha Suryohadiprojo & Ariditya Lukman Dharmmaparayana

There were so many breathtaking scenes from Bitha and Dharmma’s wedding at The Dharmawangsa in Kemang, Jakarta. The decorations provided such a dramatic and celebratory atmosphere in such a spectacular part of happy paradise, acted as a preview for the art installation from the couple’s best friends. Also, there were so many people from all around the cities coming together, soared with even greater joy and excitement, and everyone celebrating their moments such a glamorous couple with their wonderful friends and families.

The traditional Javanese event brought out a wonderful sense of both sacredness and joy, the last event was of one the spectacular party after another! White Shoes and Couples Company, G-Pluck and DJ Dipha did a fantastic job performing what turned out to be such a great party and celebration. Their family and friends tore up the dance floor all night long, and it was evident that everyone was having the great time of their lives.

It was no surprise that this was one of the most fun weddings I’ve shot.

Congratulations Bitha and Dharmma!


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